Monday, October 22, 2012

Fortune Tellers and German Poetry

Before we headed out to the Black Hammock we stopped by the flea market where I got a $10.00 tarot reading from a woman that calls herself Madame Suzanne who claims to be psychic. She was short and stout with messy bleached blond hair and a raspy voice. Quite the character, married 4 times with a day job as a paralegal. I found this out while observing her observing me. She was a wonderful conversationalist and an even better study of human behavioural traits... BUT she most definitely was not a psychic. Still, for ten bucks, she entertained me. She told me everything that you don't want to hear and then told me I'd be back to see her again. I won't.

The trip to the market wasn't a total loss.  We stopped at a small second hand book store (located near Madame Suzanne's booth) where I found a charming first edition (published in 1930) book of verses written in German for $2.00.  

It's the book in the middle with the old man in the bottle on the cover.
Der Wunderdoktor 
Heitere Verse

Which means:
 The Wonderful Doctor
Cheerful Verses

It sort of jumped out at me and when I saw the price I grabbed it... I'm looking forward to reading and translating it! 

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  1. "and then told me I'd be back to see her again. I won't."

    that cracked me up. i have always secretly wanted to go to a physic/card reader. it would be entertaining, like you said, if nothing else

  2. How lovely to read cheerful verses. I hope you share!

  3. What a fun experience with the Madame Suzanne! And what a lucky find with the book.

  4. Hi Wendy, I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Love your ideas and you can find the details here


  5. I see lovely things in your future...including some wonderful thrifted gems. ;)

  6. The book of verses is fabulous!hugs and thanks for sharing!